About ADV-X

The BMW Motorrad ADV-X is the only Canadian BMW GS adventure, officially hosted by BMW Motorrad Canada. It will take place from September 8th to September
14th 2024 in Sun Peaks, British Columbia.

The event offers five days of fully guided adventure riding. Each day, attendees will get to experience up to 300 km of riding in the vast mountain ranges of British Columbia
across various types of terrain, including gravel roads, double and single-track trails, and even water crossings!

BMW Motorrad ADV-X is the perfect playground for GS riders of all skill levels. Throughout the adventure there will be a mix of gravel roads, double and single trail that will test your ability as an off-road rider. Although not mandatory to participate, we highly recommend that riders have some off-road riding experience before joining us on the adventure.

If you are new to off-road riding, we strongly encourage you participating in one of our Certified BMW Motorrad Off-Road Riding Schools. More details available on page 12.

BMW Motorrad ADV-X is supported by a team of off-road riding instructors and technical specialists. During the event, there will be no shortage of learning opportunities, and our team be on site to help riders every step of the way.

Our team is also well equipped to support any technical issues that may arise on the journey, from repairing flat tires, to trailside pickups, and more.


YES, Six (6) nights of accommodation is included with your BMW Motorrad ADV-X package. Your first night
of accommodation is on Sunday, September 8th at the Sun Peaks Grand Hotel. Your final night of
accommodation is on Friday, September 13th at Sun Peaks Grand Hotel.

On the evening of Sunday, September 8th, join us for a compulsory welcome function at the Sun Peaks Grand Hotel Conference Room, where you’ll be able to meet fellow riders, ADV-X Instuctors, pick-up your welcome package, and enjoy some appetizers and drinks before kicking off your adventure the next day.

This will be followed by a presentation and your first Ride Briefing of the event.

At the beginning of the event, the BMW Motorrad ADV-X Staff will perform a bike inspection to ensure your motorcycle meets safety requirements and is ready for the week of riding ahead.

As much as we would love to share it with you, the full ADV-X route will be a surprise. You will find out
about each day’s route at the Rider’s Briefing the night before. Be aware that the majority of riding will
take place off-road along backcountry trails.

It is compulsory that your GS is fitted with safe off-road tires for the BMW Motorrad ADV-X. Our
recommendation for tire specs are 50/50 at a minimum. Emergency tire support will be available
so you do not need to worry about bringing spares.

It is compulsory that you maintain Full Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance for the GS you plan to ride during ADV-X. It is also recommended that you protect yourself with appropriate insurance cover prior to your event participation. This may be very helpful in the unfortunate circumstance of your travel plans changing for any reason. Insurance types to consider are Roadside Assistance Coverage (if you plan on riding to the event), and Domestic Travel Insurance.

Yes, Exclusive BMW ADV-X merchandise will be available for purchase at the event.

Questions & Cancellation

The refund / cancellation policy is below:
A participant may withdraw from the Event at any time by notifying the Event Provider in writing by email to info@advx.ca In case of withdrawal, a cancellation fee is payable as follows: 

(a) A $250 administration fee if 60 days or greater notice is given prior to the commencement of the Event;
(b) 50% of the registration fee and a $250 administration fee if greater than 21 days but less than 60 days.
(c) 100% of the registration fee if 21 days or less notice is given prior to the commencement of the Event.